Arogya Bhawan was founded over 5 decades ago by a visionary person Sri Onkar Nath Tandon with a vision of manufacturing quality ayurvedic products at affordable prices which can enhance the quality of life. Since its inception the company is proud in using ancient skill and heritage of Indian ayurveda for producing the best health care products with no side affects. The company believes in the safest and purest form of treatment 'Ayurveda' and is dedicated towards the improvement of the quality of human life with the range of best quality products.

Company Profile

The company started its operation way back in 1958 with one ayurvedic product named Vatari tel-Dard kare choomantar which is a leading product of the company. Vatari tel is the most successful and the oldest product of the comapany giving a stiff competition to other players in the market. It has a wonderful effect on the patients suffering from arthrities, gout, internal injuries and all kinds of muscles and joint pains.

After 5 yrs the company launched its 2nd product in the market named 'Sishu Kalp' baby tonic- which again got an excellent response from the market. Sishu kalp is the product for infants and small babies who have vomiting, stomach ache and teething troubles.

Later in 1982 the company launched its 3rd product named Janm Ghunti-peth rogo se chutti which is again a product for babies which helps in developing the immune system and keep babies fit and healthy. The company which started decades ago with a small manufacturing unit has grown with an unparallel pace and the legacy is been continued by the next generation now with the same passion of serving humanity.