The best and most effective tonic for common ailments of children

It is like nector prepared from wonderful herbs. It plays magic in stomach ache, vomitting of clotted milk, diarrhoea,cough & cold, indigestion, whopping cough, fever and all types of stomach diseases. It improves digestive system and also helps in liver problems.

If used on newly born child from very beginning there will be less chances of any major ailments and the baby will be most cheerful, healthy and strong.

Therapatic use:

Stomach ache, indigestion, diarrhoea, vomitting, teething troubles, intestinal worms


½ tsp from 1st month-2nd month

1tsp from 2nd month-8th month

2tsp mixed with double milk from 8th month onwards


The baby should be given mother milk, cow or goat milk


The mother and baby should avoid heavy diet