It is a medicated oil prepared from well tried most effective, unparallel ayurvedic herbs. It works wonderfully on gout, limbs, tremors, arthrities and all kinds of muscular pain. It provides strength to nerves, muscles and liagaments. It reduces pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles. This medicated oil is for external application on the affected part of the body by way of massage and it works beyond expectations on knee joints, backache, ribs, cervical spondylities. It enhances blood circulation of the body and results in quick and long lasting relief.

Therapatic use:

Osteo-arthrities, cervical spondylities, paralysis, gout, ribs, backache and all kinds of muscular pain


Massage the luke warm oil for 15-20 min on the affected part of the body.


50ml, 100ml,200ml


Strictly for external application only Do not use it on head